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We have had great fun, planning and making our sandwiches for our picnic. During our picnic, we played games and had one unhealthy treat. A fairy cake or chocolate biscuit. (YUM YUM)

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I liked the picnic. My food was yummy.

It looks like you all had lots of fun making your own food and playing duck duck goose.

Wow, what fun.

1W your picnic looked like great fun.
My favourite sandwich filling is ham salad with a touch of salad cream.
What is yours?

Skye’s favourite sandwich filling is ham and coleslaw.
‘My favourite sandwich is ham and cheese.’ from Nikki.
Thank you for your message.

I had a great time at the picnic. My food was yummy.

Looks yummy! Looks like the whole class had lots of fun. I really like the blog. Keep up the good work children from Miss Bonar and my 3 boys William 8, Johnny 2 and Ronnie 1.

Thank you William, Johnny, Ronnie and mummy. Have a great day. From 1W. xx

Looks like you all had a wonderful time 🙂

Thank you, we did. xx

Wow 1W! Looks like you all had lots of fun! Maybe you will have room to invite me to join in the fun next time?

We would love you to come next time.

All that food looks lovely it looks like you all had a fantastic time x

Harry said he will make you lunch, now he knows how to do it. 🙂

Looks like everyone had lots of fun

My favourite sandwich was cheese and butter, I loved my
sandwich YUM YUM and I loved playing duck duck goose.

I can see that 1W have been working really hard.
And those sandwitches look delicious well done 🙂

Looks like you all had a great afternoon at the picnic cant wait to see what your next blog will be ! x

It looks like you had lots of fun on your picnic. My favourite picnic food is sausage rolls.

wow you all look like you had a great picnic and really fun games xx

Looks yummy!

Thank you, it looks like you have all been working hard in 6M. Well done.

WOW! That looks great.

Wow it looks super.

It looks super.

Looks like Riham`s working hard.

my sandwich was yummy

Well done 1w looks like you had a fun day

Mia had a lot of fun at the picnic, she loves to play duck duck goose!!!

My sandwich was very yummy I would like to do this again in school.

I liked making my sandwich and eating the fairy cake.

I have my own picnic

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