Persuasive perfect!


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persuasion 001Watch out family and friends, we have been learning about persuasive techniques and we know how to use them. Be ready for us asking for exciting days out, activities and toys this half term. You will be unable to refuse us, just like our class teacher Mrs Watts, who has now agreed to take us on a school trip because of our persuasive letters.

Also, we used our persuasive techniques to invite each other to our party.

persuasion 002

Finally, we wrote a letter to the Big Bad Wolf convincing him to become a Big Beautiful Wolf.

persuasion 004

We are all very proud of our work and hope that you will be proud of us too.

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“You all look fantastic at doing things” 1W class

Thank you Riham’s Daddy for your lovely comment. 🙂

Really impressed with The class persuasive letters. How can you say no Mrs Watts. Especially Megan’s lovely letter. I love Old MacDonalds farm.

I love persuasive letters they really persuaded me to actually want to come to the party.

fingers crossed that mr and mrs wolf will get better.

I will agree . Mr wolf Mrs wolf need to turn there selves round

I would love to go tothat party it sounds verry fun

I am brining some cakes in today

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