William Morris


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We looked at the work of William Morris. He liked to use flowers and leaves in patterns.

We tried to copy some patterns.  We also went outside, collected leaves and did leaf prints.

We used wax and paint to create different effects.

IMG_0737 IMG_0738 IMG_0744

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WOW 1M! I can see lots of concentration as you work to recreate the style of William Morris. Well done 🙂

I like your work.

I like your pictures.

Nice patterns they are amazing well done

I like your friendship hands.

They all look like they are working hard in 1M they look like they are enjoying it too.

Wow! They look like they are really concentrating on their work, well done.

That looks great fun.

Well done 1m we are very impressed!

It is a lovely picture and beautiful girl.

it is very good well done

well done hannah it is lovely

well done hannah it is lovely and beautiful picture

thank you for all of you

Look like your having fun.

Thanks Joe it was fun. What do you like to do in school for fun?

Those look really fun! You guy are lucky.

That looks fun! You guys are lucky.

Thank you Naomi. What have you been looking at lately?

It is Suliya and Eden from 6m and we hope your artwork went well

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